About Let’s Fund

Let’s Fund helps you discover and fund breakthrough research, policy and advocacy projects.

We use the principles of Effective Altruism to find the projects that we believe will do a lot of good. We do in-depth research, which we make public, so that you can make an informed donation.

Instead of directing funds to established charities with considerable room for more funding, Let’s Fund moves money to smaller, fledgling projects, especially in the research, policy and advocacy space.

Put simply: we want to help you fund projects that aren’t a sure bet, but will be enormously impactful if successful.

We believe that donors should be less risk-averse when it comes to giving to charity, and want to curate and promote high-risk, high-reward charitable projects.

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Meet the team

Hauke Hillebrandt, PhD – Co-founder

Hauke does the research into highly effective donation opportunities. 

Previously, he was Research Associate at the Center for Global Development working on global cooperation, climate and trade policy. Before that he was a Researcher at the Centre for Effective Altruism in Oxford where he advised foundations, a large group of small donors and several ultra high net worth individuals on how to donate more effectively. Hauke holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London, was fellow at Harvard University and has published peer-reviewed papers and commentaries that have been cited more than 150 times. 

Hauke’s CV

Henry Stanley – Co-founder

Henry co-founded Let’s Fund and is now a part-time volunteer helping with the tech. He is currently a software engineer at ThoughMachine specialising in full-stack web development and cloud computing working. Previously he worked at Pivotal, he works on tooling for Cloud Foundry, a leading open-source platform-as-a-service, and developed a backup and restore framework for which he was awarded a patent.

Henry built EA Work Club, a job board for effective altruists, and is a technical advisor to Rethink Charity. He recently attended the Recurse Center, an educational retreat for programmers in New York City. His guide to becoming a dramatically better programmer was featured on the front page of Hacker News and has been viewed over 1,000 times. He holds a first class honours degree in Biochemistry from University College London.

Henry’s CV