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Do you want to help solve big global problems?

Step 1: Learn which policies are effective through our in-depth research.

Step 2: Actually do something. Support the most effective policy solutions through our high-impact crowdfunding campaigns.

Our campaigns and research

The replication crisis in Science

Problem: Billions in research funding is wasted on low quality research every year.

Solution: Registered Reports

Registered Reports open up a new way of doing science. They combine results-free peer review with stringent preregistration.

This ‘meta-research’ is more effective than funding single research projects (e.g. on a new drug) because it improves all of science at once – from cancer research to climate science.

Let’s Fund: Professor Chris Chambers to advocate for a new way of doing and publishing science.

$75,000 milestone met! Stretch goal: $500,000

  • 15% 15%

As an academic with some experience in Registered Reports and a good view on the open science movement, I empathically think you should fund Professor Chambers. I cannot think of a more efficient way to spend your money if you want to contribute to better science at this moment.

Professor Tom Beckers

Professor, University of Leuven

Climate Change

Problem: There’s a 10% chance of 10°F or 6°C warming.

Solution: Public Clean energy R&D spending

Governments around the world need to increase funding for clean energy research to make low carbon energy cheaper and carbon tax more likely.

Our analysis shows that this is the most effective climate policy.

Let’s Fund: Professor David Hart to research the effectiveness of higher and smarter clean energy R&D spending.

raised of $500,000 (stretch goal: $2 million)

  • 6% 6%

“I think the Let’s Fund research on climate change is excellent. I did a Cambridge PhD in physics, then spent five years on climate change work (with the UK government and then as an outside campaigner). I thoroughly agree with the proposition that support for technological innovation is under-prioritised.”

Dr Matthew Brown

Director, Think Ahead

Impact Investing

Problem: Impact investing – investing in, or divesting from, for-profits for the purpose of social impact – is an increasingly popular approach to doing good. It seems to offer the promise of a double bottom line: direct social impact and profits that you can keep or reinvest in other socially beneficial businesses.  A donation to charity, in contrast, yields no monetary returns and can only be spent once.

In our in-depth report, we conclude that donating effectively is usually better than Impact Investing.

Global Catastrophic Risks

Problem: Emerging technologies such as synthetic biology create substantial risks.

Solution: Research in progress

We’re investigating funding opportunities that might reduce Global Catastrophic Risks. 

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What is Let’s Fund?

We look for high-risk, high-reward charitable opportunities that are in need of funding.

We believe that donors should be less risk-averse when it comes to giving to charity, and want to curate and promote high-risk, high-reward charitable projects.

How does Let’s Fund differ from other charity evaluators?

Instead of directing funds to established charities with considerable room for more funding, Let’s Fund moves money to smaller, fledgling projects, especially in the research and policy space.

Put simply: we want to help you fund projects that aren’t a sure bet, but will be enormously impactful if successful.

How are the causes picked?

Our in-depth analysis is based on the principles of Effective Altruism. This means that we select causes and projects that we believe do the most good. This lets you maximize the social impact of your giving.

How do you handle donations?

We use Facebook, PayPal, and GoFundMe to collect donations – we don’t ever handle your money ourselves. In most cases, donations are fully tax-deductible.

How do you make money?

We’re independently funded, and don’t take a cut of any donations. If you believe in our vision, we’re looking for funders and also new analysts to join our team – get in touch.


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