We use the principles of Effective Altruism to find the projects that try to maximize good done per dollar and publish in-depth research and analysis, so that you can make an informed donation.

For instance, we’re roughly using a framework
that looks at the scale, tractability, and neglectedness of a problem to assess the cost-effectiveness of a given problem (such as climate change, or the replication crisis) or charitable project (such as Registered Reports advocacy).

This framework was created by the Open Philanthropy Project, a multi-billion dollar foundation, and further developed by 80,000 Hours, in collaboration with staff at the Future of Humanity Institute, a research group at the University of Oxford that advises policymakers and major decision-makers on how to prioritize global problems.

Let’s Fund #1: A Scientific Revolution

For Let’s Fund #1, our first crowdfunding campaign, we wrote the following analyses that build on each other to make the case for funding Chris Chambers to do Registered Reports advocacy:

Let’s Fund #2: Climate Change

We’re still working on Let’s Fund #2, which is likely going to address climate change policy. You can find our preliminary research on the topic here.

Let’s Fund #3: AI governance

We’re currently looking into funding opportunities in the Global Catastrophic Risks space (in particular into AI governance).

Impact Investing

We’ve recently written a report on Impact Investing in collaboration with Founders Pledge.  We find that effective impact investing is very hard and, to maximize social impact, it is usually much more effective to donate. Read our research here.