Questions about Let’s Fund#1 and Registered Reports

  1. How is this different from clinical trial pre-registration?
    Registered Reports apply to both clinical and non-clinical research. They prevent researchers from changing methodologies before submitting their data. They require the methodology itself to be subjected to peer review in isolation – and guarantee the results will be published if the method passes review (you can read more in our report on Registered Reports).
  2. Will this prevent the reporting of interesting, unexpected results?
    Registered Reports doesn’t prevent unregistered exploratory analyses from being published – rather, it requires that post hoc analyses of unexpected results are labeled as such when they are published.
  3. I have more questions about registered reports! Have a look at our research pages, the FAQs at the Center for Open Science Registered Reports page, or let us know through the chat in the right bottom corner.

Questions about donations

  1. How are my donations processed and what are the fees? 
    • You can donate through our GoFundMe campaign. Donations are processed through GoFundMe fundraiser and are sent to PayPal Giving Fund, which is a UK registered charity (no. 1110538). PayPal Giving Fund distributes donations to charities (in this case Cardiff University) on a monthly basis, within 15-90 days of donation. We have a non-legally-binding Memorandum of Understanding (you can see this here) with Cardiff University. They have agreed to allocate the funds of our fundraiser to Chris Chambers’ work on advocacy for Registered Reports. If this purpose in the University’s reasonable opinion becomes impractical or ceases to be in accordance with the University’s strategic plans, they will, after consultation with Let’s Fund, and the Head of School of Psychology, apply the Gift to a purpose similar or related to the original. Let’s Fund does not handle the money or have any sort of control over it. Legally speaking, it is similar to a situation where a friend runs a marathon for e.g. a cancer charity and encourages you to donate directly to the charity.
  2. Are there any fees?
    • GoFundMe does not charge any platform fees but does charge 1.9%-2.9% payment processing fees + $0.30 depending on the country you’re in. You can avoid paying any processing fees by using the PayPal link that follows, but in that case you absolutely must e-mail us the receipt to so that we can tell Cardiff University that the donation is for Professor Chris Chambers to do Registered Reports advocacy (otherwise you’ll make an unrestricted donation to Cardiff University). If you’re a UK taxpayer, after you donate, you’ll get a donation receipt by email and you can add GiftAid here.  The link to PayPal donation page that doesn’t charge any fee but for which you need to email us the receipt is here.
    • Let’s Fund does not handle any of your donations and thus does not take fees. If you would like to make a donation to support Let’s Fund’s research, please get in touch.
  3. Is my donation tax-deductible?
    • Outside of the United Kingdom: As the tax laws vary by country, please consult a tax professional regarding the deductibility of your donation. It might be difficult because you’re donating to a UK charity / non-profit. You’ll get receipts that look like this: GoFundMe receipt, PayPal receipt. If you’d like to make a larger donation and need have it be tax deductible, please get in touch and we will find e.g. a 501(c) that can regrant to Cardiff University. For smaller donors, note that tax effectiveness is just a minor factor in the overall impact of your giving. In other words, it is probably more effective to give to a highly effective non-profit and miss out on tax deductibility than to give to a not so effective non-profit that is tax deductible.
    • Inside the UK: Your donation is tax-deductible in the UK through the Gift Aid scheme, which allows charities to claim an additional 25p from the UK Government per £1 donated. You must be a UK taxpayer and tick the box on GoFundMe confirming this. PayPal Giving Fund will claim Gift Aid (£0.25 to the charity for every £1 donated) and pass along 100% to the designated charity once enrolled.
  4. What if you don’t raise the target amount? All the money goes to Chris Chambers, independent of how little is raised, to spend in an unrestricted way on Registered Reports advocacy. If more than $75,000 is raised, then this could finance a teaching buyout and free Professor Chambers from administrative and teaching duties for a year. If less is raised, then it could finance an assistant or travel costs to give talks on Registered Reports, workshops on Registered Reports, etc. 
  5. What if I want to make a larger donation?
    If you plan to make a larger donation of more than €/£7,500 ($10,000) and have any questions, feel free to get in touch or call 00447719918177. 
  6. Can I donate in cryptocurrency? Yes – please get in touch.
  7. Are there other projects that I can donate to?
    We currently only have one project but intend to do more research in the future. Please sign up for our newsletter via the intercom to stay informed about upcoming projects. We are happy to give advice to foundations and high-net worths – please get in touch